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Events Architecture
We must re-invent the traditional events
We must re-invent the traditional events. Trough a new methodology for the present and future meetings. It's based on designing each event well oriented to the communication and profitability objectives. To hire venues, to book a hotel and contract caterings,select a show and, after that, think about how to make use of all of them for our proposals,it's not enough. It's a new way of thinking, a new concept that let us add real differential value during all the process from the initial design to the assesment of the results.

Real Communication
Conventional Advertising is dead.
Conventional Advertising is dead. In this digital and globalized society, where too many messages are conveyed by lots of different channels, it's necessary to be sure that we aim at our real target. It's the Real Communication. The audience is becoming well informed, smarter and more demanding day by day. We need the real feedback of each message we send. The word of mouth has been raised to the n-power because of internet and the new technologies. And the ROI (Return on Investment) has definitively come to stay in the Marketing and Communication Industry.



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