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Eventivamente (Eventively) Like an adverb:
Means an special attitude, a way to see the life, to live and experience communication and advertising, to raise each project making it unique, an unrepeteable channel in the space and the time ( this is the real meaning of event for me), a challenge we must make use of to reach the strategic and tactical objectives, to gain the expected results with the utmost efectiveness and efficiency possible related to the investment, designing and "building" really physical and emotional spaces where the communication is real and direct, like architects of the suggestion and the influence, like promoters of fidelity and empathy.

Eventiva Mente (Eventive Mind) Like a substantive:
Means the special intelligence that analyzes every moments like each moment would be the last one, the mind that look at the reality and find it plenty of opportunities to create something transcendental, to change aour environment, our own life and the life of the others, to make possible all the impossible things. Itīs the imagination that always invent new excellent ways to reach our and ours clients and providers personal and professional objectives. It's the creativity that makes me taste each data input, each life aspect, each project like a marvellous delicatessen. It's the sight that always see the light on and all the colours intense and full.



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